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25 Awesome Tips for Entrepreneurs

25 Awesome Tips for Entrepreneurs

BibleI stole this list. I’ll admit it. I’ll even show you where I stole it from. I discovered it over at Joel Brown’s kick-ass website, You really should check it out. He’s put together a great site for success, motivation and inspiration. You really should go check it out.

If there were an Entrepreneurs Bible, these would definitely be in it.


25 Awesome Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. It’s rare when someone is their word; treasure it in others, cultivate it in yourself
2. Call AND email – the squeaky wheel gets the grease
3. Hold yourself to a standard of behaviour and business
4. Live & breathe your pitch – know your story, know your vision and preach it
5. Pay attention to detail
6. It truly is win/win – don’t work with folks who think about it any other way
7. Find a mentor – Don’t be too proud to ask for advice from great ones when you really need it
8. Don’t bang your head against the wall – go with what works and continue to innovate
9. Be kind but firm
10. Avoid isolation – Expand your network and never get caught in the corner.
11. FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real
12. You always have a choice
13. Say it in 30 seconds or don’t say it at all. – Be clear on what you need.
14. Perception is reality – you’re always creating an impression
15. Everything is a negotiation, even if you don’t think it is
16. People hear what they want to and usually only remember the negative
17. Don’t be a victim of your own B.S. – Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk
18. Have the difficult conversations – they’re always worth it
19. It goes by fast and your health is the most important thing – take care of it/make it a priority
20. Those old business axioms are true, e.g., take time to hire and be fast to fire
21. The path to hell really is paved with good intentions
22. Learn under fire. – Pressure will mould you, don’t let it break you.
23. Generosity looks good on
24. Never point out your flaws but do admit to your mistakes
25. Focus – Keep your eye on the prize!

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