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32 Things You’ve Bought Into That Just Aren’t True

32 Things You’ve Bought Into That Just Aren’t True

dreamstime_s_29374372Do you ever wonder how stories or rumors get started and just keep spreading and spreading for years and years without anyone ever checking the facts to find out if they’re true or not? And then when the truth is discovered you’re just blown away because you’ve believed something was one way for so long that’s it’s almost impossible to believe it’s just not so.

Just imagine if someone told that salt water was the best water you could drink. We all know that’s not true, but I wanted to throw out a pretty outrageous scenario. Because some of the things you’re about to read are probably going to blow your mind. A few examples I’m about to share with you have to do with your blood being blue when it’s inside your body.


Or how your taste buds really work. Does your tongue really have a different region for each taste such as sweet, or salty or sour?

Did we evolve from apes or not?

Are redheads going extinct?

Read this list and share it with others. The findings are pretty remarkable. And they’re backed up by the truth.

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