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50 Things Every Man Should Own

What a man needs and what a man wants are two different things. True, the things we need are on a higher priority level and we use a lot of those items on a daily basis. But it’s much more fun to get the things we want and we appear to be driven by what we want more than what we need.  That’s why we come home with a motorcycle when we should’ve spent the money on fixing the leak in the roof.  That doesn’t always go over well with the little lady.

However, this list is compiled of fifty things that you’re going to need some time in your life.  And some of them you probably want.  So now you have an excuse to go buy them.  Because you are going to need them.

50 Things Every Man Should Own

  1. A suit… that actually fits.  That one from high school graduation is probably a little snug
  2. One great coffee table book every guest will pick up.
  3. A bottle opener, a nice bottle opener.  No cheapo plastic one someone was handing out as a business promo item
  4. Headphones. Good headphones. You pick the style.
  5. A do-everything bag. 
  6. A nice watch.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just nice.
  7. A chef’s knife that is separate from the set you got as a wedding present. 
  8. A knit tie that you can dress up or down.
  9. A writing pen that was sold as a single.  Not in a 20 pack.
  10. A toolbox containing, at least, a hammer, couple of screwdrivers, vise-grips, tape measure and duck tape. 
  11. A camera that doesn’t double as a phone.
  12. A television that does the fight scenes in Game of Thrones justice.
  13. A coffee-maker that doesn’t involve pods.
  14. A secret ingredient you use in your signature dishes to impress guests… especially lady friends.
  15. Power tools. Because you’re a man and you should be able to fix stuff.  Plus you like to save money.
  16. A do-everything navy blazer. Navy goes with everything.
  17. A special bottle of whiskey that only comes off the shelf on special occasions with special people.
  18. A grey hoodie. You can, and will, wear with everything. 
  19. Proper beer glasses. They make beer better.
  20. A Zippo lighter. Even if you don’t smoke.
  21. A cast-iron skillet that’s been properly seasoned and seen its fair share of beef.
  22. A stash of cash. When emergencies strike, money helps.
  23. A pair of jeans on their last thread. You know, the ones your lady wants you to throw away.
  24. A nice bathrobe you can wear to get the Sunday morning paper. Or just sit around and do nothing in.
  25. A comfortable pair of slippers to go with the bathrobe.
  26. Timeless shades(sunglasses). Because you’re a cool mutha…
  27. Proper stationery for the proper letters. You’ll need these eventually because you can’t text everything.
  28. A journal. Because it’s good to write things down and your kids will love reading it one day.
  29. Your chair. Not just a chair, but your chair that no one else can use.
  30. A well-made leather belt that will last forever.
  31. A badass pair of stylish cufflinks you’ll probably never wear.
  32. Good, durable, broken boots. Don’t skimp on good boots.
  33. A pocket knife that you can count on.
  34. Weights, a heavy bag, kettlebells, or some kind of exercise equipment that you can’t hang clothes on.
  35. A grill you can work your magic on.
  36. A coffee mug. With no b.s. on it.
  37. A pair of sneakers you don’t care about but don’t want to throw away.
  38. A weekender bag. Shouldn’t hold more than toiletries, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, underpants and socks.
  39. A durable pair of work gloves. 
  40. A manly cookbook that will impress friends and family. Well, maybe not family.
  41. One real piece of art. Just one will suffice.
  42. A pair of dress shoes that you didn’t wear when you were 20 years younger.
  43. A bike for the mountains, trails or roads. It’s safer and more fun than riding on the streets.
  44. A classic, nice leather wallet with the necessities. 
  45. One good copy of your favorite book. Read it at least once every year.
  46. An umbrella.
  47. A dopp kit for grooming on the go. 
  48. A good multi-purpose pocket tool for exploring the great outdoors.
  49. A deck of cards for any impromptu games that might come up. 
  50. A passport. 

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