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A Simple Tactic that will Open Doors for You

Opening DoorsYou know what?

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. Of course there’s going to be challenges and difficult times, but a lot of things we fine complicated in life, don’t have to be. We, as human beings, actually make our life more complicated than it should be.


…I wanted to share this little bit of advice, wisdom, or whatever you want to call it, with you. It’s from an, what should I call him, associate of mine. I met him once at a seminar he held and I study his materials. Plus, we’re friends on Facebook.

You want a simple tactic that will open doors for you?

Can’t believe I have to keep reminding folks of this… but just be very, very polite. Say “please” and mean it. Say “thanks” and mean it. Call men “sir” (even if they’re younger than you), call women “m’am” (even when they’re younger than you), and listen intently when anyone is speaking to you. Meet their eyes. Do not argue, unless that is the dark alley you want to go down (and say goodbye to any doors that may have opened for you).

You know who the most polite people on the planet are? Sociopaths, and folks who can kick your ass. They don’t give a ratfuck about the social “score” of who feels dominant in any given situation… and they want to get to their goals (which never, ever include arguing) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Stop posturing. If you’re good… or successful… or smart, experienced, talented, or can kick ass… folks will either find out soon enough, or they won’t. It doesn’t matter. Use the simple tools available to us socially to get people in rapport with you quickly, use charm to be non-threatening (when you can), and give others your total focus during conversations. And remain committed to your goals.

I mean, Jeez Louise — you’re a nice person, who deserves more… yet the sociopaths and ass-kickers are waltzing through doors into opportunities that should have been YOURS. Because they’re charming and polite and know how to move through social situations without an attitude.

Caring about the small shit is a sucker’s game.

Breathe deeper. Reach higher. Live bigger.

Just sayin’…

Pretty simple huh?

Now you should be able to enjoy life a little bit more that I’ve shared this and helped make it easier for you.

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