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Are Michael Jordan and Lebron James About To Square Off

Are Michael Jordan and Lebron James About To Square Off

michael jordan lebron jamesIf Michael Jordan and Lebron James played a game of 1-on-1, who would win? People are always comparing the two and arguing about who the best player is. Some say Jordan is because he has more championship rings. But a championship is won by the team, not an individual. Still, one can’t deny how incredibly awesome Jordan was and that they probably wouldn’t have won all of those championships without him.

Lebron James still has a lot of playing time left in the NBA though if he stays healthy. And since this isn’t the NFL, the chances of him having a long career are looking pretty good. With the right talent on the court around him, James could definitely surpass the number of championship rings Jordan has.

The bottom line though, is that Lebron James and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game. Also, according to this, Jordan appears to be open to meeting Lebron. Read about it here.

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