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Are the Broncos Stuck in Their Comfort Zone

Are the Broncos Stuck in Their Comfort Zone

are the broncos stuck in their comfort zoneThe Broncos have been expected to win the Super Bowl all seaon. Since the first kickoff. Anything less is a failure. The stakes are high for the AFC Championship Game, but the expectations have gone unchanged.

After losing the AFC Championship Game last year it when the expectation was set. Even before the who, when and where were set. It just so happens their opponent is the New England Patriots. They did however get to decide where the game is going to be played by finishing the regular season 13-3.

But it seems a lot of the Broncos fans are wondering if they’re prepared for the New England Patriots. We all know what they’re capable of.  The Broncos were in charge of how they prepared this week though.  And in Peyton Manning’s mind, it’s the same kind of preparedness that got them to this point.

“If you have to prepare harder for this game, that means you probably haven’t been preparing hard enough all season long,” Manning said on Wednesday via the Broncos official website

Good preparation is manifested in a game plan—one that maximizes the odds of victory. The best plan for the Broncos to beat the Patriots may take them outside their comfort zone—a scary idea for a team with such high expectations.

Sustaining drives with a balanced offense, stopping the run between the tackles and taking away quarterback Tom Brady’s short passing game should give them the best chance to win. It’s a very achievable plan but one that the Broncos have not deployed with a ton of success this season.

With two of the best quarterbacks in the league, and arguably two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, it should be shootout.  But there’s a few things that could corral the Broncos and keep that offense on the sideline for more time than they’d like.

Can they sustain drives?

Do they have a good enough running game?

Changing up from man to zone coverage?

The Bleacher Report has the entire story here.


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