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Are You Man Enough to Ride the Toro Totter

It’s a lot more fun to watch some things than actually do them. We’ve all done some crazy sh*t in our lives, but this video takes it to a whole other level. With age comes wisdom. At least that’s what they say anyway. Do you still have the guts or ignorance to do something like this? Admit it, you might’ve at least considered it when you were younger and dumber. Enjoy the clip. It’s funny if nothing else.

About Fortyman

I didn't think 40 would happen that fast & I don't think most people do. Now I'm 44, a husband, father & soon to be grandpa. But I'm only 44 so I'm still chasing my dreams, living healthy & fit, & making the most out of life. 40 Man was created to help & inspire men to never give up on anything & make the most out of every aspect of life. Live limitless.

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