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You Are Limitless


LIMITLESS What exactly does it mean o be limitless? I don’t think it means that we are without limits because we all have limits. We can only run so fast or jump so high. We can can only go so many days without water or hold our breath for so long. But those aren’t really the limits I’m talking about. ... Read More »

Shendelle Shokman Testosterone Test

Shendelle Shokman

Low Testosterone? Are you worried about low testosterone, otherwise known as low-t? Well, 40 Man is here to help. The following video will test those levels and in a matter of a couple minutes you should know if your testosterone levels are low or not.  Enjoy the video of Shendelle Shokman. Read More »

8 Ways to a Much Better Orgasm

passionate embrace

Does anything feel better than a good orgasm? Yes. What is it you ask? A better orgasm. Better Sex, Better Orgasms There’s good sex and there’s great sex. You cannot deny this. Therefore, there are orgasms and there are great orgasms. How does one achieve great orgasms? I’m glad you asked. Because when I stumbled across this article I figured ... Read More »

Eye of the Tiger

This is the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made. Ever! Rocky Sylvester Stallone, aka the Italian Stallion, was so down and out, so broke, that he had to sell his dog(temporarily). Because he wasn’t making it in Hollywood as an actor. He couldn’t even land a spot as an Italian, as an extra in the classic ... Read More »

Top 12 Books About Manhood and Masculinity

You were born a man for a reason and it’s not so you can be more like a woman. It seems we’ve come to somewhat of a crossroads in a world full of political correctness and ‘manscaping’ that’s caused some men to struggle with their identities and roles. Let their be no mistake about it, women like men who are ... Read More »

Erectile Dysfunction Reverser

Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction has detrimental effects  on far too many relationships. And many men are just too embarrassed to do anything about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Erectile dysfunction can be reversed and fixed, far more easily than you might think. Why continue suffering? Why continue letting your lover down? Why risk ruining a great relationship ... Read More »

Guns Save Lives

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “never bring a knife to a gun fight.” Why? Because the only defense, or should I say the best defense, against a gun wielding attacker is another gun. That’s why they say, “the only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Only ... Read More »

A Bull Named Honda

What you are about to read is a humorous a true story with a lesson about life. Someone was hurt in this story, but not badly. They walked away from the scene. A Bull They Called Honda When someone tells you that you better let go of the bull’s horns, you should probably let go of the bull’s horns. When ... Read More »

The Silent Killer Named Diabetes

do not ignore diabetes

Diabetes Slowly Steals Your Life I can’t remember why, but I remember one night when my dad wanted to soak his feet in some Epson Salt and warm water. My mom got it all ready for him in a shallow tub that was large enough for his feet, and put it next to his chair. She thought the water was ... Read More »