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3 Jet Engines Fire Up Worlds Fastest Truck Ever

I just couldn’t resist sharing this really amazing video of the worlds fastest truck. It gets its power from not one, not two but three jet engines that give it a high speed of 375 mph.  It’s a fantastic piece of machinery and I have great respect for the man who built the first Shockwave, Les Shockley in 1984 as ... Read More »

Guess What These Guys Put in their Waffle Maker?

Now you never need to eat microwave leftover pizza again. Just pop it into a waffle maker for two minutes and enjoy hot crispy pizza that some say is even better than the fresh version. Fast food may not be very healthy but it can be fun! Waffle Maker Pizza, Tacos and Fast Food Tonight is pizza night at my ... Read More »

Why You Should Toss Your Old Table Salt and Go Natural

For decades you have been told that salt is bad for you, however that’s not necessarily true. Refined, processed table salt is bad for you but all salt  is not the same. If you want to make a healthier choice when it comes to salt read more about the differences between ordinary table salt and other types of unrefined salt ... Read More »

Tips For Smoking a Good Cigar

Take the time to learn how to properly prepare and smoke a quality cigar.

Quality cigars are pricey and  if you don’t know how to prepare, light and smoke it properly then your money is literally going up in smoke and you won’t get the full enjoyment from it. So here are some tips from Richard Carlton Hacker, author of the book Ultimate Cigar, for smoking a good cigar like an expert. Don’t Ruin ... Read More »

Throwing an Awesome Beer Tasting Party at Home

Pairing different kinds of beer with chocolates is delicious and fun.

Now that football season is over and spring seems to be a long way off why not get a few friends together and throw a beer tasting party? Sure, I know most people already have a favorite brand but there are so many really wonderful brews out there and what better way to try a few different kinds without committing ... Read More »

Two of Man’s Favorite Things…Cigars and Women

There are many things that men enjoy in life. I could make you a list but every guy is different so what’s the point in that. One thing I’ve noticed is when I mention cigars and women around a bunch of guys nearly every one of them agrees that together or separately these are two of the finest things in ... Read More »

Brush up on Basic Beer Knowledge

Everyone has their personal favorite beer but these days there are so many varieties of brews to sample and enjoy that it can be daunting to keep up. When someone asks whether you’ve heard  of this or that ale or tells you about a lager they discovered on vacation it’s helpful if you’ve brushed up on basic beer knowledge. In ... Read More »

Snow Golf Tips to Keep Your Game as Smooth as Ice

The US is in the middle of one of the worst winters in decades and for skiers and snowboarders that’s fantastic!! For golf fanatics not so good, unless you are into snow golfing. Yes you heard me right, snow golf has been around for a very long time and has enjoyed a revival of sorts in the past few years. ... Read More »