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Better Sex: What You Should and Should’t Eat

Better Sex: What You Should and Should’t Eat

aphrodisiac-food-red-wineBetter sex.

Those are two words that grab the attention of every man in the world. Especially the sex part.

Great Lovers are Made

Sexual attraction is a weird thing if you think about it. We start off as boys that want nothing to do with girls.

No girl germs.

No cooties.

No touching our stuff.

Just stay away from me.

But then…

…that special girl catches your eye. Maybe it’s her smile, or her eyes, or the way she walks or maybe even the way she talks. All you know is your toy cars and BMX bike isn’t a priority anymore. Now you’re priority is meeting this girl and hopefully mustering up enough courage to talk to her, and maybe even ask her out on a date.

One Thing Leads to Another

Eventually, passion comes into play. And just like everything else, you don’t want to fail. No man, in this world, wants his lover to be dissatisfied. Failing in the bedroom is probably the worst area a man thinks he can fail. It can be completely demoralizing.

Fuel Up

Just like a car, your body needs fuel to function. In order for your car to run properly, you have to put gas in the tank, not water. The higher the octane, the better it runs.

As is with your body.

The better food you eat, the better you perform. And the better you perform, the happier your lover is. And you want your lover to be happy… right?

I thought so.

So take a look at this list and get down to your local grocer. The sooner you refuel with good stuff, the happier she’ll be.

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