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Can an Electric Eel Enhance Your Sexual Experience

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want near my ‘stuff’ is electricity. Erectile dysfunction is already a huge problem for a lot of men. And it seems that they would want to stay away from any kind of jolt that could permanently kill their ‘buddy.’ But the opposite just might be true.

Can an Electric Eel Enhance Your Sexual Experience?

Last March, Bill and Melinda Gates challenged innovators worldwide to invent the “Next Generation Condom” — one that wouldn’t diminish the quality of sensations felt during sex.  Notable entries include a condom made from collagen derived from beef tendon claiming to approximate human skin, and a condom that actually tightens during intercourse. But none of these really give the jolt some may be looking for.

Last week, Georgia Tech students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer introduced their “Electric Eel” condom on IndieGogo, which they describe as an “open-source digital condom prototype using electrodes and soft-circuitry.” In laymen’s terms, it supplies mild vibrations — a “digital” rather than “physical” enhancement to the standard condom, as the creators put it.  Read the entire story here.

It’s well know that battery operated devices can be a woman’s best friend, but the words “voltage,” “circuitry,” and “electricity are rather terrifying to anyone with a vulva.  But for men, at least they’re claiming, the threadlike electrodes running throughout the condom mostly on the underside of the shaft, provide stimulation that condom-less sex can’t.

Digital Condom Prototype

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