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Throwing an Awesome Beer Tasting Party at Home

Pairing different kinds of beer with chocolates is delicious and fun.

Now that football season is over and spring seems to be a long way off why not get a few friends together and throw a beer tasting party? Sure, I know most people already have a favorite brand but there are so many really wonderful brews out there and what better way to try a few different kinds without committing ... Read More »

Brush up on Basic Beer Knowledge

Everyone has their personal favorite beer but these days there are so many varieties of brews to sample and enjoy that it can be daunting to keep up. When someone asks whether you’ve heard ¬†of this or that ale or tells you about a lager they discovered on vacation it’s helpful if you’ve brushed up on basic beer knowledge. In ... Read More »

Great American Beer Festival Winners Are In

great american beer festival

It only took 20 minutes for this year’s Great American Beer Festival to sell out. That shouldn’t be shocking when you consider that over 600 of the best breweries in the United States were in attendance and beer is awesomely delicious. Like every year, the highlight of the event is the awards ceremony where breweries can snatch a Gold, Silver ... Read More »

Canadian Brews Get a Bad Rap Because… and a Few IPA Reviews

By Gary Dzen Chances are that if you can smell the citrus and pine in an India Pale Ale before you raise the glass to your mouth, that beer was dry-hopped. Dry-hopping is a cold infusion technique meant to impart hop aroma into a beer without adding much or any bitterness. The process is fickle, reliant on temperature, and executed ... Read More »