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Health and Fitness Lover’s Dream


Health and fitness are two huge topics that are talked about or thought about, by almost everyone, on a daily basis. Why? Maybe because so many people are overweight and obese.  There’s an epidemic in America and we have to do something about it.  People spend billions of dollars annually on exercise equipment and gym memberships and a lot of ... Read More »

Getting the Perfect Nut


So you want to start eating healthier, eh? Is it because you’re tired of stuffing handfuls of chips into your mouth while you’re gulping down ice cold beers & devouring a succulent, mouth watering, juicy, man size, cheeseburger? I didn’t think so. If you’re like me, it’s because those beers and cheeseburgers are starting to expand the belly area a ... Read More »

Butt Kicking 22 Minute Fitness Program


I used to go to the gym and pump iron for at least 2 hours a day. I was fit. I was strong. I was ripped. Then I got married, had kids, and yada… yada… yada… But I still found a way to stay somewhat fit. I had to. I had too many hours & dollars invested in the gym ... Read More »

World Class Meal Replacement

meal replacement shakeology

I woke up the other morning and right away, I knew something was wrong because the sun was already coming up.  I’m usually up before it shows its bright shiny face. I’m late! So I jumped up out of bed, threw my clothes on and flew out the door. I didn’t get my coffee and worse than that, I didn’t ... Read More »

18 Quotes That Will Help You Discover Happiness

What Makes You Happy? That’s a question many people have a hard time answering because they’ve set aside their happiness in the pursuit of other things. People think they’ll find happiness when they get rich or famous. Or find the person of their dreams or move to someplace new. They’re always putting off happiness. I suggest you focus on finding ... Read More »

Eye of the Tiger

This is the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made. Ever! Rocky Sylvester Stallone, aka the Italian Stallion, was so down and out, so broke, that he had to sell his dog(temporarily). Because he wasn’t making it in Hollywood as an actor. He couldn’t even land a spot as an Italian, as an extra in the classic ... Read More »

The Silent Killer Named Diabetes

do not ignore diabetes

Diabetes Slowly Steals Your Life I can’t remember why, but I remember one night when my dad wanted to soak his feet in some Epson Salt and warm water. My mom got it all ready for him in a shallow tub that was large enough for his feet, and put it next to his chair. She thought the water was ... Read More »

Do Low-Testosterone Drugs Boost Sex Drive

Jessica Rafolowsky

Are you interested in having more sex? They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but I just proved that wrong. Because if you’re an average American male, the answer is definitely a resounding YES! Stupid Question #2 Do you watch tv? Of course you do. So you know that you can’t watch it for more than fifteen ... Read More »

Advocare Legacy Still Changing Lives & Making Dreams Come True


Since 1993 Advocare products have been changing lives. Charlie Ragus started the company on a vision. Driven by a desire to help people change their lives both nutritionally and financially, Charlie started Advocare. Apparently Charlie was onto something, because 22 years later the company is on track to do $1 billion dollars in sales. Advocare has also helped thousands of ... Read More »

Transform Your Body – Transform Your Life

Purium Health Products

They say the older you get, the harder it is to stay fit and lose weight. Unfortunately, I just became a believer. Losing Weight About seven years ago I had knee surgery that took me out of all physical activity, except walking on crutches, for about twelve weeks. Twelve weeks! That’s a long time if you’re doing NOTHING but eating ... Read More »