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Are the Broncos Stuck in Their Comfort Zone

Are the Broncos Stuck in Their Comfort Zone

The Broncos have been expected to win the Super Bowl all seaon. Since the first kickoff. Anything less is a failure. The stakes are high for the AFC Championship Game, but the expectations have gone unchanged. After losing the AFC Championship Game last year it when the expectation was set. Even before the who, when and where were set. It ... Read More »

Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles 7th Quarterback Ever to Do This

Nick Foles

Nick Foles got the call to be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles today because Michael Vick is hurt. Now, Michael might have a much tougher time getting his job back after Nick Foles performance today. Nick tied a record doing what only six other quarterbacks have done in NFL history. Today, Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes that ... Read More »

NFL’s 7 Oldest Quarterbacks of All Time


Let’s just get one thing out of the way. Forty years old is NOT that old. Now, having said that, do you think you could suit up and still play in the NFL on Sunday’s? This is obviously completely hypothetical so pretend for the moment that you have the skill to do so. It’d be tempting wouldn’t it? But then ... Read More »

The Hottest Wives & Girlfriends of the NFL

Save your Google searches and kick back for a few minutes because someone else was thinking the same thing you were. “I wonder what so-and-so’s girlfriend/wife looks like?” I’m glad, as I think you will be too. So pop a top and give your eyes a treat. Read More »

2013 NFL Cheerleader Slideshow


2013 has delivered another fine lineup in the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL cheerleaders are all some of the teams have going for them this year. Come on guys, why can’t you get your plays down and execute them like the cheerleaders do with their routines. Anyway, check out some of NFL’s finest right here. Read More »