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3 Jet Engines Fire Up Worlds Fastest Truck Ever

I just couldn’t resist sharing this really amazing video of the worlds fastest truck. It gets its power from not one, not two but three jet engines that give it a high speed of 375 mph. ┬áIt’s a fantastic piece of machinery and I have great respect for the man who built the first Shockwave, Les Shockley in 1984 as ... Read More »

Top 10 Fastest Cars In The World 2013-2014

Saleen S7

It may only be a dream, but it’s a damn good dream to have. While it may be true that only a few people ever enjoy owning one of these incredible machines, one of those people could end up being you. After all, everything starts with a dream. Now grab a napkin for your drool before you take a look ... Read More »

2014 BMW R1200 GS Adventure


Last year when BMW debuted the GS, it was obvious they had something really special. The follow up is the 2014 R1200 GS Adventure and it looks, well, fantastic. Designed to perform on changing terrain, the R1200 GS Adventure sports additional vibration dampening for a smoother ride, a little more ground clearance than its predecessor, and a masculine, somewhat future ... Read More »