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Top 10 Signs of a Toxic Person


There’s been a saying or sayings for years about how you become like the person or people you associate with. One of the most common is, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’  Think about it, you never see an eagle flying with a flock of geese. Your Friends Matter If you’re like me and in your 40’s, I’m sure your ... Read More »

8 Ways to a Much Better Orgasm

passionate embrace

Does anything feel better than a good orgasm? Yes. What is it you ask? A better orgasm. Better Sex, Better Orgasms There’s good sex and there’s great sex. You cannot deny this. Therefore, there are orgasms and there are great orgasms. How does one achieve great orgasms? I’m glad you asked. Because when I stumbled across this article I figured ... Read More »

The Sex Starved Marriage

Have you ever heard this said before? Women get married hoping he’ll change… and men get married hoping she doesn’t. Truth be told though, they both change. Life changes and we have to change with it, most of the time. It’s No Fairy Tale Hollywood, Facebook, Instagram and every other media outlet portrays life as a fairy tale. Hollywood shows ... Read More »

Simple Solution to Get Her Juices Flowing

If things have “cooled off” between you and you’re lover for too long, and you’re wondering what to do to rekindle the romance, wonder no more. It doesn’t take any money. And you don’t have to be a hopeless romantic. Lessons from Casanova are not needed. Guaranteed Results Here’s two simple things you can do to ignite the fire between ... Read More »

Do Low-Testosterone Drugs Boost Sex Drive

Jessica Rafolowsky

Are you interested in having more sex? They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but I just proved that wrong. Because if you’re an average American male, the answer is definitely a resounding YES! Stupid Question #2 Do you watch tv? Of course you do. So you know that you can’t watch it for more than fifteen ... Read More »

Better Sex: What You Should and Should’t Eat


Better sex. Those are two words that grab the attention of every man in the world. Especially the sex part. Great Lovers are Made Sexual attraction is a weird thing if you think about it. We start off as boys that want nothing to do with girls. No girl germs. No cooties. No touching our stuff. Just stay away from ... Read More »

Can an Electric Eel Enhance Your Sexual Experience

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want near my ‘stuff’ is electricity. Erectile dysfunction is already a huge problem for a lot of men. And it seems that they would want to stay away from any kind of jolt that could permanently kill their ‘buddy.’ But the opposite just might be true. Can an Electric Eel ... Read More »

You’re Body Language Speaks Louder than You May Think

There’s no doubt that women like a confident man.  That’s why, even though you don’t feel like it all the time, you have to be aware of your body language. Did you know that your body language affects how others see you?  And it also may affect how we see ourselves.  Social psychologist Amy Cuddy demonstrates how “power posing” — ... Read More »

Businessman Goes Down in $5 Million Erectile Dysfunction Scam

Isn’t it bad enough already that you have to take a drug to get your soldier to stand at attention? You’re already leery of taking erectile dysfunction drugs anyway because you’ve heard the 3 minute disclaimer of side effects at the end of the 30 second commercials.  Now you have to worry about whether or not the erectile dysfunction drug ... Read More »