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A Bull Named Honda

What you are about to read is a humorous a true story with a lesson about life. Someone was hurt in this story, but not badly. They walked away from the scene. A Bull They Called Honda When someone tells you that you better let go of the bull’s horns, you should probably let go of the bull’s horns. When ... Read More »

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell Delivers Crushing Block


It might be up for debate that the best defensive play a defender can make is a sack. There’s just nothing that gets the fans or teammates as jacked up as seeing your opponents quarterback get smashed like they just got ran over by a Mack truck. It’s just awesome! But the play in this video comes in at a ... Read More »

Are You Man Enough to Ride the Toro Totter

It’s a lot more fun to watch some things than actually do them. We’ve all done some crazy sh*t in our lives, but this video takes it to a whole other level. With age comes wisdom. At least that’s what they say anyway. Do you still have the guts or ignorance to do something like this? Admit it, you might’ve ... Read More »