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Why People Need to Know You Value Them

This could save a life Why is it so easy to take someone’s friendship, someone’s love for granted, yet so simple to let them know how much you love an appreciate them? It’s as simple as saying, “I love you,” or “I just wanted to let you know how much appreciate you.”  If it’s too hard to say because your relationship is ... Read More »

50 Things Every Man Should Own

What a man needs and what a man wants are two different things. True, the things we need are on a higher priority level and we use a lot of those items on a daily basis. But it’s much more fun to get the things we want and we appear to be driven by what we want more than what ... Read More »

Top 10 Signs of a Toxic Person


There’s been a saying or sayings for years about how you become like the person or people you associate with. One of the most common is, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’  Think about it, you never see an eagle flying with a flock of geese. Your Friends Matter If you’re like me and in your 40’s, I’m sure your ... Read More »

8 Ways to a Much Better Orgasm

passionate embrace

Does anything feel better than a good orgasm? Yes. What is it you ask? A better orgasm. Better Sex, Better Orgasms There’s good sex and there’s great sex. You cannot deny this. Therefore, there are orgasms and there are great orgasms. How does one achieve great orgasms? I’m glad you asked. Because when I stumbled across this article I figured ... Read More »

Top 12 Books About Manhood and Masculinity

You were born a man for a reason and it’s not so you can be more like a woman. It seems we’ve come to somewhat of a crossroads in a world full of political correctness and ‘manscaping’ that’s caused some men to struggle with their identities and roles. Let their be no mistake about it, women like men who are ... Read More »

Erectile Dysfunction Reverser

Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction has detrimental effects  on far too many relationships. And many men are just too embarrassed to do anything about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Erectile dysfunction can be reversed and fixed, far more easily than you might think. Why continue suffering? Why continue letting your lover down? Why risk ruining a great relationship ... Read More »

Simple Solution to Get Her Juices Flowing

If things have “cooled off” between you and you’re lover for too long, and you’re wondering what to do to rekindle the romance, wonder no more. It doesn’t take any money. And you don’t have to be a hopeless romantic. Lessons from Casanova are not needed. Guaranteed Results Here’s two simple things you can do to ignite the fire between ... Read More »

32 Things You’ve Bought Into That Just Aren’t True

A lot of men agree that a beautiful woman smoking a cigar is very sexy.

Do you ever wonder how stories or rumors get started and just keep spreading and spreading for years and years without anyone ever checking the facts to find out if they’re true or not? And then when the truth is discovered you’re just blown away because you’ve believed something was one way for so long that’s it’s almost impossible to ... Read More »