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10 of the Most INSANE Talk Show Appearances

People do some crazy things. And thank God for camera’s, some of the best moments are caught on film. There’s dancing, flashing and out of touch moments. Sit back and enjoy 10 of the most insane talk show appearances of all time. Read More »

Two Dogs Take Owner’s Truck on a Joyride – Into a River

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s my truck and it’s rolling towards the river. That’s how Scott felt when he saw his truck rolling out of control towards the river. He couldn’t believe his eyes and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. But what’s even more unbelievable is who was driving his truck. His two dogs Roscoe, a ... Read More »

Guess What These Guys Put in their Waffle Maker?

Now you never need to eat microwave leftover pizza again. Just pop it into a waffle maker for two minutes and enjoy hot crispy pizza that some say is even better than the fresh version. Fast food may not be very healthy but it can be fun! Waffle Maker Pizza, Tacos and Fast Food Tonight is pizza night at my ... Read More »

Devil Baby Attacks

It’s 2014 and the first monster viral video has landed and it stars the most frighteng baby on the planet; Monster Baby. The video, depicting an animatronic Devil Baby scaring the pants off of New Yorkers strolling the streets, has amassed over 25 million views in just a few days. The tale of how the small digital agency Thinkmodo created ... Read More »

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

If you like a good prank, you’re going to love this. Imagine if you were the people sitting in the corner. I’m surprised the guy didn’t try to punch through the wall. Take a look, watch this video and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a real life ‘Carrie’. Read More »