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Devil Baby Attacks

It’s 2014 and the first monster viral video has landed and it stars the most frighteng baby on the planet; Monster Baby.

The video, depicting an animatronic Devil Baby scaring the pants off of New Yorkers strolling the streets, has amassed over 25 million views in just a few days.

The tale of how the small digital agency Thinkmodo created the viral sensation, which is really an ad for the new 20th Century Fox film Devil’s Due, is now well known. However, how the special effects team actually created the prank is not — until now.

See how it was created here.

But enjoy a few good laughs first.

Devil Baby Attacks

This video of Devil Baby really makes you think and wonder about how realistic of a human they can make. Devil Baby moves, blinks and screams like a real human. This is funny and amazing, but at the same time kind of scary because who knows what would happen if this technology got in the hands of the wrong person.

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