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Roger Goodell Wants To Expand NFL Teams To London And Los Angeles

Roger Goodell Wants To Expand NFL Teams To London And Los Angeles

nfl roger goodellRoger Goodell is constantly trying to grow the NFL brand. But is taking it out of the country the right way to do it? After all, it’s the NFL. The National Football League, not the WFL or World Football League.

There’s many different dynamics that would have to be worked out besides the largest of them all, the logistics. And if you only have one foreign team to start, that means ALL of their away games for London would be across the pond. Players like Ryan Clark of the Pittsburgh Steelers said he’d retire before joining a team across the Atlantic Ocean.

You can read more about it at and decide how you feel. I just don’t see the positive side of this or why Goodell is even considering it. It’s worked so well being an American past time for this long. Why change it?

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