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Tribute to Hank Williams Jr.

If you’re forty, not quite forty, or over forty years old, then you’re probably a fan of Hank Williams Jr. And if you’re not, you should be. Why, you ask? Because he’s a legend. And legends are few and far between these days. Watch this tribute video and witness the greatness. Lady’s and gentelmen… boys and girls… Hank Williams Jr Read More »

Two of Man’s Favorite Things…Cigars and Women

There are many things that men enjoy in life. I could make you a list but every guy is different so what’s the point in that. One thing I’ve noticed is when I mention cigars and women around a bunch of guys nearly every one of them agrees that together or separately these are two of the finest things in ... Read More »

25 Best Cigars of 2012


It can become quite a chore when you’re testing over 700 cigars and deciding which ones are the best. But it’s a good chore at that. First they star by looking back at all the cigars tested throughout the year in both Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider. Then they focus on the top-scoring smokes and start the blind-tasting process all ... Read More »

Smoking News: La Gloria Cubana Releases Rival Twin

La Gloria Cubana

Monday night West Coast Cigars in San Jose, CA announced the arrival of, and exposed, the Rival Twin of La Gloria Cubana. This is great news except production of the La Gloria Cubana is limited to 1,900 boxes, for 19,000 cigars in each blend and 38,000 cigars as part of the overall release. The release includes two 10-count boxes for ... Read More »

The Art of Smuggling Cuban Cigars with Pigeons

It’s a boat… it’s a plane… it’s a… a, pigeon? Are those torpedo’s on his back? No, they’re cigars. Hats off to Duke Riley for coming up with this idea to send 50 of his pigeon friends down to Cuba to get him some real Cuban Cigars. It’s pure genious. And he has the flight recorded so you can watch ... Read More »