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25 Awesome Tips for Entrepreneurs


I stole this list. I’ll admit it. I’ll even show you where I stole it from. I discovered it over at Joel Brown’s kick-ass website, You really should check it out. He’s put together a great site for success, motivation and inspiration. You really should go check it out. If there were an Entrepreneurs Bible, these would definitely be ... Read More »

I Will Fear No Evil – Les Brown

What’s holding you back from living your dreams? If I was a gambler, I’d bet it’s fear & lack of self confidence. And 99% of the people that would take my bet, would be paying up. Don’t let fear stop you. You have too much to live for & you can’t let fear hold you back. Learn how to rechannel ... Read More »

Do Incredibly Successful People THINK Differently

Do you have a dream? Of course you do, so what’s holding you back? You may not like the answer, but the answer might be you. A lot of people come up with ideas and have NO IDEA how they’re going to follow through and make it happen. Thomas Edison claims to have made around 10,000 attempts before getting the ... Read More »