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The Next Step Towards Manliness

Don’t you think it’s about time you ‘manned up’ and started shaving like a real man. Even if you have a beard you probably still like to keep the lines straight and groomed so you don’t look like a caveman. Unless it’s hunting season. Then you might want to look like a caveman and go without shaving or even trimming for awhile so you blend in with the animals.

But this video is regarding the majority of the year when you’re not wanting to blend in with the animals. This video is for the man that wants to attract the ladies and keep his manly facial hair or have a face as smooth as a baby butt. Nothing gets your face as smooth as this… nothing. And the ladies love to rub their hands on those nice smooth cheeks.

This video shows how your great-grandpa shaved. And once you learn how to shave with a straight edge razor, no one will ever question your masculinity again.

Learn How to Shave with a Straight Edge Razor

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I didn't think 40 would happen that fast & I don't think most people do. Now I'm 44, a husband, father & soon to be grandpa. But I'm only 44 so I'm still chasing my dreams, living healthy & fit, & making the most out of life. 40 Man was created to help & inspire men to never give up on anything & make the most out of every aspect of life. Live limitless.

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