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Throwing an Awesome Beer Tasting Party at Home

Throwing an Awesome Beer Tasting Party at Home

Pairing different kinds of beer with chocolates is delicious and fun.

Pairing different kinds of beer with chocolates is delicious and fun.

Now that football season is over and spring seems to be a long way off why not get a few friends together and throw a beer tasting party? Sure, I know most people already have a favorite brand but there are so many really wonderful brews out there and what better way to try a few different kinds without committing to any particular one than hosting a beer tasting party. Like wines, beer offers a lot of variety and I believe there is something for everyone. Here are some great tips from for throwing a great beer tasting party your friends will remember for a very long time and who knows you may find a new favorite.

Throwing an Awesome Beer Tasting Party

There are two ways to have a beer tasting party. The first is by serving a flight of beer, 4 to 5 at a time. The guest is given information about each beer: where it comes from, how its brewed, what flavors they should recognize. Then, the guest can write down a few notes for themselves and decide which beers they liked best.

The other way is to make each beer a mystery until the end. Every guest is given beers that are numbered then they rate each beer by a set rating system. The rating system can be decided by you, but should include rankings such as flavor, mouth-feel, strength, aroma. Each guest can judge their beers accordingly. Then, at the end of the party, each beer is revealed and the beers with highest scorings are awarded.

We enjoy the second option for the fact that it makes each drinker unbiased to the beer. Rather then knowing they’re drinking a domestic beer that they “just know” they don’t enjoy, they are unaware until the very end and must rely on their senses to truly judge the beer.
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If the budget isn’t there to buy all the beer yourself, have a byob party and have a few of your friends each bring a special brew that they would like to share. Make sure to organize them so that they don’t bring duplicate brands. It’s a fun way to get some friends together and keep expenses to a minimum.


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