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Transform Your Body – Transform Your Life

Transform Your Body – Transform Your Life

Purium Health ProductsThey say the older you get, the harder it is to stay fit and lose weight. Unfortunately, I just became a believer.

Losing Weight

About seven years ago I had knee surgery that took me out of all physical activity, except walking on crutches, for about twelve weeks.

Twelve weeks!

That’s a long time if you’re doing NOTHING but eating and laying around. I couldn’t even stand on that leg for four weeks because of the type of surgery I had. Anyway, I could sense my waist line was expanding and I did not like that, nor did I want it to happen. When I could finally start being active again, I stepped on the scale and I was pushing 240 pounds. A benchmark I did NOT want to hit. Granted, I’m 6’2″ tall and have always been active and lifting weights, I wasn’t building muscle.

Taking Control

I made sure I started exercising as much as I could, and as soon as I could, and I got back down below 230 lbs. so I quit worrying about it. But now, due to less physical activity, getting a little older and not eating like I should, I hit 240 pounds. And when I saw that number on the scale, I wasn’t happy about it… AT ALL!!!

So, I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve started exercising a little bit more and more consistently. Plus I’m watching what I eat. But I’m going to super charge body transformation and weight loss for the first ten days.

Toxic Flush

You see, the more crap we eat, the more ‘sludge’ our bodies build up. Then our cells can’t absorb all the good stuff, nutrition, that we put into our bodies.

Just recently, a friend put up a challenge to do a 10-day cleanse. I decided to check it out and discovered that people are getting amazing results and literally changing how they live their lives. We just can’t keep getting fatter and eating all the garbage(processed foods) that we eat. It’s taking a toll on our lives.

So, if you’re ready to transform your body & life, the first thing you need to do is take the 10-day challenge and clean out all the sludge. I know it sounds gross, but that’s what it is.

You’ll look better, feel better and start living better.

The products are organic and GMO free. Take a look at this chart right here.

Start the journey now.

About Fortyman

I didn't think 40 would happen that fast & I don't think most people do. Now I'm 44, a husband, father & soon to be grandpa. But I'm only 44 so I'm still chasing my dreams, living healthy & fit, & making the most out of life. 40 Man was created to help & inspire men to never give up on anything & make the most out of every aspect of life. Live limitless.

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