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Two of Man’s Favorite Things…Cigars and Women


Many men agree that a beautiful woman smoking a cigar is very sexy.

There are many things that men enjoy in life. I could make you a list but every guy is different so what’s the point in that. One thing I’ve noticed is when I mention cigars and women around a bunch of guys nearly every one of them agrees that together or separately these are two of the finest things in life to be savored and respected. Cigars Magazine published a list of the best cigars for women and some of the most famous women who enjoy a relaxing cigar now and then.

Nowadays a woman who smokes a cigar is considered a true cigar aficionado. She smokes for the relaxation and pleasure cigar smoking brings. She does not smoke cigars to be part of a “trend.” this woman is a strong, passionate, confident, ultra-successful woman. Unique and independent, with discriminating tastes, she lives life to the fullest.

Why would they smoke anyway?
Yes, some women really do like to smoke cigars. Why? You guessed it – pretty much for the same reasons men do. Cigars taste good, and like fine wines, well aged spirits and gourmet food, they are a connoisseur’s experience to be contemplated and savored. The ritual of lighting a cigar and savoring the complex tastes of a well aged and properly treated smoke can be a wonderful focus for relaxation and meditative reflection on the pleasures of the here-and-now rather than on the demands of a busy schedule.

I did not realize that women and cigars have such a long history, dating back 2000 years! Today more women are beginning to light up and the cigar industry is catering to the female market by producing smaller, flavored and scented cigars. To read more about this very special connection that “lights up” a guys face whenever the two are mentioned in the same sentence go to


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