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What if Women Liked Football More than Men Do

That’s a crazy headline isn’t it? What if women liked football more than men do?


That’d be a cold day in hell. Or would it? Some women do like football. And some of them even like it better than their man. But I don’t think the day’s going to come in the near future when the men are hanging in the kitchen and the women are slamming beers, scarfing chips and screaming at the t.v.

Do you?

The only screaming I ever hear at those parties is usually my buddies wife or girlfriend, not the same buddy, yelling at him because he’s too drunk and/or she’s ready to go and he’s oblivious to her or passed out on the couch.

This video shows what that would look like if it did happen and the tables were turned. It’s rather humorous, but I don’t think us guys have anything to worry about.

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